Don Lessem

President & CEO

Don Lessem is one of the world's leading presenters of dinosaurs, the author of 40 books of natural history and adviser to Stephen Spielberg's Jurassic Park. Mr. Lessem has excavated and reconstructed the world's largest meat-eating and plant-eating dinosaurs in Patagonia and Mongolia. He creates giant touring exhibitions, is host and creator of NOVA documentaries, and adviser to Universal Studios and Disney theme parks. The Argentine dinosaur, Lessemsaurus, was named in honor of his contributions to dinosaur research.

Claire Russell

Executive Vice President & COO 

Claire oversees all aspects of the company's operations and ensures the vision of Dino Don is carried out . She is responsible for the company's growth and development. Claire oversees the operations, logistics, finances and management of sales, marketing and traveling exhibitions. Claire received her M.S. in Museum Studies and Leadership from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Robby Gilbert

Vice President of Exhibits and Product Development 

Robby leads our U.S. sales and marketing. He focuses on natural history education and exhibitory, the unique quality of our robotics and commitment to customer satisfaction.  Robby has extensive experience in exhibition development and sales, gained from his former position as VP of Exhibit & Sales at Billings Productions. 

Maria Telincho


Maria Telincho (on right) is responsible for outreach on our media platforms as well as creating, maintaining, and managing marketing campaigns. She oversees all video production and editing, website design and social media. 

Dre Demas


Dre directs worldwide sales and marketing

Aaron Boto

Logistics Manager 

Aaron is responsible for managing logistics of all exhibits.  He has experience working as an Operations Coordinator for Dwelo, a smart home startup, managing the warehouses and storage units for the entire Eastern Field Service division on the Supply Chain team.  During that time he created an extensive assortment of training materials for them including a full manual on kitting and in-depth videos on Salesforce and 5S functions.

Dr. Darren Naish

Science Adviser


Dr. Darren Naish is a distinguished British paleontologist and author. He is a freelance researcher, author and scientist affiliated with the University of Southampton who works on flying reptiles, predatory dinosaurs and other ancient animals.

David Mesloh

Creative Technical Consultant


For 30 years, David  has created immersion and interactive experience for zoos, museums, botanical gardens and the themed entertainment industry.

Valerie M. Jones 

VP Strategic Planning

For 20+ years, Val has secured $175+ million in sponsorships and grants for zoos, botanical gardens, museums and other nonprofits. She helped develop DDI's first business plan in 1999. Since then, have guided business development for this privately owned company, growing it from mid-six figures to a multi-million dollar entertainment company spanning books, TV and exhibits for museums, zoos and other entertainment venues in U.S. and abroad



Knucklehead is our Chief Feline Officer in charge of scheduling nap times and creating lunch budgets.