Dragons and Fantastic Beasts 


20 animatronic dragons and other mythical animals

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Dragon head photo-op 

Dragon Classifications

Dragon – Four legs, two wings

Wyvern – Two legs, two wings

Amphiptere – No legs, two wings

Lindwyrm – Two legs, no wings

Drake - Four legs, no wings

Wyrm - No legs or wings


Amphiptere – small medieval dragon. Colorful, serpentine body with wings that can be either batlike or feathered.


Asian Dragon – long, sinuous, wingless dragons usually combining the elements of snakes, stags and carp.

Basilisk/Cockatrice – small medieval creature that can spit poison and turn its prey to stone with a glance. 


Jormungandr – huge dragon from Norse mythology, it lives under the ocean and encircles the world by biting its own tail. 

Lindwyrm – medium medieval dragon with only two limbs, often ending in bird talons. 


Sea Serpent/Guivre – water-spitting dragon. Can produce streams of water from either its mouth or blowholes on top of its head. 

Western Dragon – large medieval/renaissance dragon with four legs and batlike wings. Can breathe fire and often symbolized evil 


Wyrm – medium to large limbless dragon. May have horns and noxious breath.

Mythical Beasts 

BUNYIP - the bunyip, a darkly colored creature with a booming roar that lives in deep pools or streams, has its origins in the Dreamtime stories of Aboriginal Australians.

Chimera – medium sized creature from Greek mythology. Could breathe fire and had the head of a lion, a snake and a goat.

Chupacabra – cryptid from the Americas. Some versions of the creature liken it to a reptilian kangaroo, but it is likely a misidentified coyote with mange.


Cyclops – Single-eyed giant. Well-known in Greek mythology and perhaps based on elephant skulls.


FEATHERED SERPENT (QUETZALCOATL) Quetzalcoatl is the Nahuatl name of the “feathered serpent”, a deity of ancient Mesoamerican culture.


Griffin – large medieval creature with the front half of an eagle and the back half of a lion. Said to guard piles of gold. Perhaps based on Protoceratops fossils.


Unicorn – medium-sized, one-horned goat-like creature typically from European mythology.

Yeti – Himalayan Abominable Snowman. Large, long-haired primate. A popular theory is that this is a misidentified bear, though some speculate it could be a hominid relative previously thought extinct.