Custom Exhibitions

Tailored to any venue and can include:

Creatures by location

Behavioral scenes to mimic present day animals 

Prehistoric animals 

Custom skin coloring and sounds


Giant Dinosaurs 

8,000 to 15,000 sq ft Museum Exhibit

From the Heureka Science Center in Helsinki, Finland

9 full sized robot dinosaurs up to 60 feet long

9 cast dinosaur skeletons up to 40 feet long

4 full-sized dinosaurs sculptures

3 riding robots

10 touchable fossils

Dig pit with fossil casts

Augmented reality activity


Giant murals

Dragons and Fantastic Beasts

Created For Zoos and Museums

20 animatronic dragons and other mythical animals

Wishing well

Misting breath


Dig pit

Dragon head photo-op 

The Real Genghis Khan

 The Greatest Civilizer 

  3,600 to 12,00 SQ FT Museum Exhibit 

Daily live musical performances and dances

Ancient artifacts

Interactive displays


Three exhibit scents 



DINOSAURS: Nasty And Nice 

3,500 to 8,000 sq ft Museum Exhibit

The Wide World of Predators and Herbivores 


12 Dinosaurs Including 40 ft. T. rex vs. Triceratops 

Nest of plant-eater hatchlings

T. rex skeleton

Dig pit


Touch fossils

T. Rex And Friends

1,500 to 3,600 sq ft Museum Exhibit

8 Robotic Dinosaurs including 40 ft. T. rex 

Dig pit


Touch fossils