How We Make Dinosaurs

Step 1: Creating The Look

Scientists & Artists Create The Look

Our scientists and artists create the look of the dinosaur according to the pose and colors our clients choose.

How We Make Dinosaurs

Step 2: Making The Skeleton

Powered By Motors,
Air PUmps, & A Computer Brain

A steel skeleton, called an armature, is created to support the structureand affix the motors that move the dinosaur. Silent air-powered pumps and a computer “brain” are installed to power the dinosaur.

How We Make Dinosaurs

Step 3: Creating The Body

Carved By Hand To Match The Design

Foam is then wrapped over the armature and carved by hand to match the dinosaur in our detailed drawings. Ourpaleoartist works to ensure accuracy of the size, proportions, and details at every step of the way.

How We Make Dinosaurs

Step 4: Making The Skin

Silicone Is Stretched & Painted

Silicone skin is stretched over the foam and painted. A final review and testing of the assembled creatureare completed prior to shipping to ensure quality.

How We Make Dinosaurs

Step 5: Shipping Life-sized Dinosaurs

The Largest Are Shipped In Sections

The dinosaurs are then shipped to their location. The biggest creatures are shipped in sections which are lifted into place with a crane, then stitched together by our installation teams.


All creatures are custom built by hand to our specifications. Each dinosaur is full-sized and moves in six ways. They can breathe, fart, and pee! Select your preferred creature below to learn more or contact us to discuss another species.

We have over 1,000 species to choose from

Contact us to discuss your custom creation.

Our Guarantee

We will deliver, install and guarantee for 12 months. All robotics run off standard power – just plug it into a standard outlet!

Allow 4-months from the time of order to arrival.

Note: Shipping costs are not included.