"A spectacular exhibition, a great experience."

Joanie Phillip, V.P. Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC



Explore the life of the legend who gave the West passports, paper money, forks and more.


See live Mongolian entertainers three times daily.


View the LARGEST collection of ancient Mongolian arms and arts ever toured.

Take on a role in the greatest empire in history!



- Over 300 13th Century Mongolian artifacts

- Elaborate sets, including the Xanadu Palace and an authentic Yurt

- Computer Touch-Screen  and role- playing Interactives

- 8 20-foot Long Murals

- 10 Videos

 -5000-10,000 square ft.

-Daily live performances by Mongolian dancers and musicians


Shipping and Installation

- Install: 9 days, Crew of 5 Venue provides 7 laborers

- Deinstall: 1 week, Crew of 4 Venue provides 7 laborers