Dinosaur Exhibitions - Custom

Dinosaur Exhibitions - Custom

Indoors Exhibition

We provide exhibition themes and collections of the most accurate museum robotic dinosaurs and skeletal casts customized for your venue. Together we will curate a thematic journey and assortment of life-sized robotic creatures to animate your gallery.

Serious? We reveal the latest scientific theories and evidence on evolution, metabolism, and behavior.

Playful? We make creatures spit, fart, or even pee! We create excavation and exploration experiences for all ages.

We will map out a plan that aligns with your specific educational goals, target audience and space requirements.

If your hosting window is between November and March, we can offer an exhibition of robotic creatures and skeletal casts without any lease fee. You pay inbound shipping and installation, then we split the gate. Our goal is to minimize the barrier to entry and provide access to venues of all sizes through the delivery of authentic educational experiences that delight!

Interested in a permanent exhibition? We can create a new exhibition gallery that is affordable and attracts new audiences.

Exhibition Features (to be customized for each venue)

  • Original dinosaur fossils
  • Full-sized robotic dinosaurs up to 60 feet long (can also be displayed outdoors)
  • Cast dinosaur skeletons up to 60 feet long
  • Tyrannosaurus rex head photo op
  • Interpretive videos
  • All interpretive signage and graphic files
  • Virtual Reality dinosaur experience (optional)
  • Dig pit with fossil casts
  • Education Guide

Exhibition Size

3,000 – 20,000 square feet

Height Requirements

8’ minimum ceiling height