Giant Dinosaurs: How They Got So Big

Giant Dinosaurs: How They Got So Big

8,000 to 20,000 sq ft Museum Exhibit
Designed with Heureka Science Center, Helsinki

An awe-inspiring spectacle of the largest animals ever to walk the Earth. Robots and skeletons up to 66 feet long, original fossils, videos and hands-on activities distinguish this record-breaking international exhibition. Designed with Heureka Science Center in Finland, where the exhibit set all-time attendance records.

The largest dinosaurs grew exponentially larger than any creature before or since. Why? How did they grow? Breathe? Circulate blood? Digest their food?

Based on cutting-edge science and the latest discoveries in dinosaurs’ habitats and anatomies, this exhibition demystifies the mysteries of how these titans lived, behaved, and grew.

This exhibition features the most accurate museum robotic dinosaurs ever constructed, genuine dinosaur fossils, and cast skeletons. Excavate dinosaur skeletons, handle fossils, and draw and stamp your own dinosaurs.

Exhibition Features

  • 10 original dinosaur fossils
  • 9 full-sized robotic dinosaurs. From a 66’ long Mamenchisaurus to a 7’ long Velociraptor along with favorites like the Allosaurus and Triceratops.
  • 9 cast dinosaur skeletons up to 66’ feet long
  • Scenic environmental habitats
  • 3 interpretive videos, displayed on 35” monitors
  • All interpretive signage and graphics
  • Virtual Reality dinosaur experience (optional)
  • Dig pit with fossil casts
  • Education Guide

Exhibition Walk Through

Exhibition Size

7,500 – 10,000 square feet

Height Requirements

15-foot ceilings