Ocean Odyssey

Ocean Odyssey

Giant Sea Creatures

Through collaboration with staff from the Houston Zoo, Undersea Discovery splashed ashore in 2022. A collection of larger-than-life sea creatures and interactive elements will entertain guests while providing critical mission goal messaging on our living oceans and waterways.

Marvel at a full-sized Sperm whale locked in battle with its main food source, the Giant Squid. Stare into the awesome mouth of a giant Leatherback Sea Turtle as it builds a nest for future generations of offspring.

Wander the trail and see deep sea creatures like the bioluminescent female anglerfish and it's oddly smaller mate. Discover fan worms and plankton along the path and take a picture with the giant colorful Sally Lightfoot Crab.

Exhibition Features

  • 13 larger than life creatures, including a 35’ tall sperm whale & giant squid engaged in battle
  • Walk through Megalodon mouth entrance sculpture
  • All interpretive signage and graphic files
  • Education Guide

Exhibition Size

5,000 – 10,000 square feet

Height Requirements

15' minimum ceiling height
35' ceilings to accommodate sperm whale and giant squid for inside exhibits